Old Times Revisited ... and reworked

August 5, 2023

Not being much for winter sports, or anything that requires going out in the cold, I spend the worst of the winter months catching up on work that's been put off throughout the rest of the year and doing a few fun things that there hasn't been time for. 

Lately, I've been scanning my old film negatives of decades past, and finally got at the many boxes of slides left with me by my late parents.   It's been a walk through old memories for sure, and an enlightening tour through their memories as I see some of them for the first time. 

My parents liked to travel and Dad's favorite direction was west.  I think he would've moved to Colorado if he could and they made several trips there.  Mom was the photographer and although her camera wasn't the best, she had a good eye for composition.  I found many beautiful shots in the archive.

Old Times Revisited _..jpg

Film doesn't hold up forever, though; the colors fade, the media deteriorates with time.   Digital adjustments are bringing some of them back to life, and while I do that, there are a few that beg for something more ... a little artistic license. 

This image is one of those.  A train ride through the mountains, taken during the mid 1970's, we aren't exactly sure of the date.   The original is a little blurred, shooting out the window of a moving train will do that, and the colors rather dull.  So I played with it, added some texture, some color, a few highlights, and I liked what it became.  I wasn't sure how to sign it, or even if I should, since it wasn't my photograph, but it has now become my art.  I hope Mom would approve.

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