Summer Winds Down

August 4, 2023
Summer Winds Down.jpg

This year has flown by so fast, it's September already!  It's true when they say that the older you get, the faster the time goes.   Yesterday was my 60th birthday, a number that seems quite amazing to me.  It's a strange thing that one's body gets older but the mind seems to stay young.  To me, the 1980's don't seem that long ago.  How did years turn into decades so quickly? 

September is the beginning of autumn, and 60 seems to me to be the beginning of the autumn of my life.  Thinking about how many years I may or may not have left (and how fast they're going by) is a little depressing but it's also liberating.  By this age, I've learned what's really important to me and what's not, what's worth fighting for and what's not.  I've learned to improvise, to be patient, to find workarounds when necessary, and to make do when conditions aren't what I was expecting.  And now I have a perfect excuse to do more of the things I really want to do, because time's a wastin'. 

One of my goals for 2014 was to spend more time at Rotary Gardens and so I have.  Late afternoon on a very sunny day, this tropical plant's huge leaves were backlit by the sun.  Colors have been enhanced a little by increasing saturation in Photoshop and the leaf's natural translucent stained glass look was encouraged by using the Paint Daubs filter.  I really liked how it came out.

Technical data:  Canon 5D Mark III, 180mm macro lens, ISO 1600, f4, 1/250s. 

© 2014 Vicki DeGruy, all rights reserved.

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